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Lolli-lollies is a luxury gourmet lollipop boutique.  We are proud to offer high quality, local ingredients, chic and delicious lollipop confections.  Our Lollipops will make your wedding, party or event unforgettable!.


Coming to America :


My love for delicious confections began at a young age with my mother, a Dominican baker. I share the same passion now with my own daughter, Gia. We moved to the USA after my divorce.  I began making candy as gifts for our friends and family. It was a fun way to share with our friends and to save money.


My daughter Gia is in charge of flavor combination ideas and hand making bows for the lollies. I am in charge of designing; cooking and we both make sure every Lollie is perfect.

Each opportunity we have to be in the kitchen is a bonding moment we cherish.


The creation of Lolli-Lollies represents our own perseverance, drive, and creativity.


We can customize each Lollie design to be a reflection of the client tastes. Whether for a gathering of friends, a wedding, birthday or special event, the smallest details can send the happiest of messages. What better way to communicate love and appreciation than through the sweet delight of candy. Romantic, artful, dramatic, and one of a kind, all adjectives to describe the dream we have for every Lolli arrangement.


Allow my daughter and I to provide a great confection for your event with an unforgettable lollipop!


Enjoy it!


Soraya is a single mom, Entrepreneur, Employed Substance abuse counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Curator and Candy Artist. 



Co-owner, designer, candy Artist, Crafter and tester

Gia is a little entrepreneur, gymnast and athletic 13-year-old girl. Gia loves to come up with ideas for flavor pairings for our lollipops.  She makes the most beautiful bows by hand. She’s an honor student who loves math.  Her dream is to grow up to be a doctor and take care of babies. She is the heart of lolli-lollies and the principal tester, of course!





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